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The modern industry demands for practical skills. And somewhere our students are lacking in it. Some research says there's a gap in Requirements of Industry and things taught in institutes. In order to fill that gap , We at technomekanics have a summer training /internship , where one can learn the in demand skills and apply them on his own in projects. We are looking forward to make our youth industry ready so that we'll be able to make more progress.
If You too are willing to register for such an internship in Electronics register soon.


Technomekanics was incorporated in 2019 by passion driven techies who are willing to contribute into the society.  We are specialist in the field of IoT & Electronics with an extensive team of competent research engineers and developers we are proficient in all domains related to the art of Robotics: AI & ML, IoT and software development. To do so we are providing a technical platform where one can get exposure about current industrial advancements, inbuilt their mindset, develop their ideas into reality and create a impact.

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Duarachuk, Near Dibrugarh University

Dibrugarh- 786004


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