Role Of Robotics In 21st Century

We can all see how advance technologies are becoming day by day, from self-operating vacuum cleaner like Roomba to driverless cars like Tesla. Every couple of months a new smartphone is released, new apps are developed, computers are becoming slimmer and more efficient and what not. But the robotics industry is also evolving at a very rapid pace. We are seeing such advanced robots that we thought it will take centuries to reach there but its 21st century and these robots already exist.

Robots In The Workplace-

We have all heard that soon robots will take all our jobs and to a certain extent it's true, we can already see some indications that the future of which we are fearful is taking its shape. We can see huge investments by big companies in automated robots. China for one has made a concerted effort to augment its factories with high-spec manufacturing robots, with the hope of maintaining the country’s sizeable manufacturing industry in response to rising employee wages. Some might think that the cost of maintaining a cutting edge robot can’t be too dissimilar to paying an annual salary, however, as machines become more advanced and cost-efficient, the positives gradually outweigh the negatives.

Robots like those mentioned just now have their limitations of course, only able to do things for which they have been programmed, but scientists and engineers are currently working on new techniques and algorithms that will enable the machines to adapt to different situations, responding appropriately to unique situations. These days we will see most of the robots working in factories to build things in large quantities like mobiles, cars, etc. As they can do the same thing again and again without getting tired they are best for this type of work.

Robots In Healthcare-

Robotics has also pierced through the healthcare industry and has built quite a reputation. Different types of machines are used in healthcare, one such machine is the Da Vinci Surgical System.

It is a great example that enhances a surgeon’s ability. A teleoperated, robot-assisted surgical system, it has been used millions of times for numerous procedures since it was authorized in the year 2000. Of course, it is not a robot that can do surgeries on its own but it is very efficient at what it does. Surgeons use them to enhance their skills and as a result the success rate of the surgery also increases. Scientists and engineers are continuously trying to make more complex and better machines or robots which can do better work than doctors. Using deep learning, data science, and other tools they are trying to make the robots more human-like but only better.

Robots At Other Places-

The above two places are not the only sections where robots have set their foot in, you will be amazed to know that robots have also been used in the fashion industry. In a fashion show in Tokyo, a female robot was used as a model. Of course, she isn’t as good as a real person but it is fascinating to see the involvement of robots in such industry.

In the cooking industry also robots are used, there are restaurants where waiters are robots. They take your orders and bring you food, how amazing is that. These robots are very appealing and why it wouldn’t be, it’s like we are living in the future. Soon, we will see more of them in different forms doing jobs that we thought, would never lose to robots. But whatever it is, the main reason we create robots is to help humans, to make things easier and of course they are doing that. Yes, it is affecting employment but soon, we will learn to co-exist and be better.

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Shaswat Baruah

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