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Updated: Jul 2, 2020

The webinar on IoT (Internet of Things) started at sharp 11.00 AM, presented by Mr. Anup Sharma. He first started with the introduction of IoT. He told us about IoT and how it is connected to every technology that we use. After the introduction, we dived into the history of IoT, which was very informative and exciting. There were a lot of fascinating things that I learned, there were inventions done using IoT which I didn’t think would be possible at that time. Next, we learned about different parts and processes that were involved in IoT. Mainly there were three important parts:- 1) The things which are embedded with sensors. 2) The network that connects them. 3) The systems that process data to/from things. We were showed soda machine, coffee machine and a toaster which were all connected to the cloud and was operable from seas apart, it was fascinating, and all of that was possible only because of IoT. After that, we learned about different types of embedded sensors that were used, devices that we used like the Arduino, Raspberry Pie, BeagleBoard, and communication protocols that are used in IoT. When that was done we moved to how IoT works. We learned that there was a guideline that we have to follow when we make a device where IoT is involved. This is because this technology is capable of privacy breaches, so we have to be very careful when we are working on it. We were taught that there are different types of communication models like device to device, a device to cloud, and device to gateway. We learned briefly about each of them. With each type of model, we were shown one helpful example. At last Mr. Anup Sharma introduced us to a wonderful service which was “Ignite Your Idea” where you could share your innovative ideas and make them into reality. It is a wonderful platform for those who have great ideas but don’t know where to begin and how to do it. Trainer Mr. Anup amazingly presented the webinar and was able to clear all our doubts. Before this, I didn’t know how certain apps or services worked but after this webinar, I got an idea of how they worked. This webinar was really helpful and exciting.

I recommend Technomekanic's webinars to anyone who wants to gain knowledge in the area of Robotics and IoT.

Recording of the webinar:-

Here is the ppt of the webinar:-

And here's an assignment based on the topics discussed in the webinar:-

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Shaswat Baruah

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