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As we all are facing a difficult condition due to COVID-19 period and colleges are closed from the past 2 months. I am a person who likes to learn new things , explore various places for coursework. So initially I was learning some skills from Coursera. I’ve been quite active on LinkedIn during this period. So one day while scrolling my newsfeeds , I found that one of my connection posted the information of webinar which was organized by Technomekanics and this webinar was on robotics which was a part of my field of studies and most importantly part of my interest. It was also mentioned that they would be teaching TinkerCad which was new to me and I wanted to know how it works. I was really eager to attend the webinar , I thought my friends will find it interesting too. So I shared this with one of my friends and like any other curious student I registered to the webinar.

As soon as I got a confirmation from the Technomekanics team for my registration on the webinar, My excitement reached it's peak. I could not find anything like this on the internet and that too for free.

So on the D-day , we were instructed to download software GoToMeeting for video conference and to login with the given code 10 minutes before the time.

So before the start of the event, the head of Technomekanics introduced himself to us, gave some information about the company, and gave a walkthrough to their website.

After these formalities , The webinar started with basics of robotics explained and its applications. This was done to make newbies comfortable with the field of robotics so that they know what they will be learning. We were then introduced to various softwares and hardwares used in it and a brief description of the basic hardware used by beginners in the field of robotics which is Arduino , an open source hardware and software company.

We were told about the basic things required to make a simple project based on Arduino.We got to know what we can make using this by examples shown and what they have made and the types of sensors used in these kind of projects. This increased the eagerness to learn programming Arduino and make our project as it looked fun to make such projects and also you can make it by yourself with less money.

So then came hand's on implementation , where we learned programming of Arduino and how its connections should be done by trying it by ourselves.

We were introduced to TinkerCad which made the whole process very easy. It's a free of cost simulation software and also very beginner friendly.

So first we made an account on TinkerCad and then we started by going into the circuit section to start our first hands-on training with Arduino.

Instructor went through with us in every step from placing the circuit, to naming it, connecting it ,and changing the color of parts like wires which is a must-know for the users of this software. This way of teaching was very good even when most of us were newbies. In such cases you need step by step guidance. If we had any doubt we used to ask by putting a message and instructor used to clear it immediately.

The hello world program of Arduino was to blink an led which was thought by sir very well and after each step, he confirmed if we are able to do the tasks and helped those who had any difficulty.

And then we made a small beginner project which was traffic light prototype.We didn't find any difficulty as he guided us very well..

Please find the video and Presentation of webinar in below link:

Webinar recording:


So this was the last part of the webinar and sir took some doubts from the students anything they had with today's lesson and any other related to robotics.

And to be honest I couldn't have thought that anyone could teach that well. With these two exercises we were confident enough in making a basic project like these and I can easily teach anyone on making simple Arduino projects.

I'm very thankful to the Technomekanics team for providing such an opportunity to us and sharing their knowledge for free and would be looking for more webinars form them like this.

If you ask me about attending any webinar from Technomekanics I would recommend it.

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Written by

Shubham Rattra

University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University

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