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My first experience in Technomekanics started when I attended a webinar organized by them on Robotics and Arduino. I got to learn a lot from the webinar. I was eager to attend more webinars which they would be organizing. So I checked out their Linkedin page where I got to know more about the first webinar. Over there, they posted internship opportunities on content writing. I’m very interested in the field of robotics and, I wanted to improve my content writing skills, so I applied for this internship. I was a little nervous as this was my first internship. I got a call and was selected for the internship. I was then explained about my roles and how I will be working. There was another person in my team in content writing. We were assigned a mentor who would be monitoring the work and assigning the work to us.

My first content was about writing on my experience at the webinar.

Check out the content here-

After each content written, we had to submit it to our mentor who then verifies whatever we have written and gives the required suggestions if there were changes required. This was very helpful as we got to know about various things about content writing like how to end or how to start a content which is very important for content writers to know.

The content writing part continued and, the founder of the Technomekanics told us about a webinar which they would be organizing, and for that, he taught us about IoT IBM Watson which would be one of the topics of the webinar. It was a new technology and was quite fun to learn. We were thought about it from the basics and had no problem in understanding any topic.

I never thought that I would be taught in an internship such things and enjoyed learning about it.

After some time of writing various content, we were chosen to be part of the core team. We were assigned new roles.

I was assigned the task of doing final edits if required and then uploading the articles written by our team on the website.

Check out articles written by our team here -

This has helped me further in my content writing skills as I have to proofread the articles. Because of this, I got to know about small mistakes that are possible and not to be made while writing content.

Also, by writing about contents on the topics I had some prior knowledge or not. I have learned that first of all, research on that topic to be written is a must. So I can say that I have improved my researching skill while writing content on various topics.

I have also improved my team working skills working with the team together with everyone assigned their role and it is important that each work is done correctly and timely. This has improved my communication skills and time management.

The target set for the team has improved our vision for the long term.

It has been about almost two months and I’m enjoying what I’m doing. This is also because of the friendly environment we have and never felt that I was an intern but felt like I was a part of the team.

We never faced any problem and, everyone here actively discusses and give their suggestion in weekly meets. The work was equally divided and never faced any sort of burden of work.

I would recommend anyone in this field who wants to write content to join the Technomekanics team as not only you’ll get some working experience but also learn new things and enjoy whatever you are doing.

Written by

Shubham Rattra

University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University

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