Why AI, Robotics must be a part of K12 Curriculum

Updated: May 19, 2020

Everyone including you have wondered how a remote controlled car moves according to your instructions. Even I wondered that , and that's how I got fascinated towards robotics. When I got into high school , I even worked in some robotics related projects which were led by undergrad students. I guess that was the first time when I was actually working in my favorite field. Being a school student you are always curious about some topics and robotics was one of them for me. Since I got familiar with controllers , processors in high school days itself , I understood how a remote controlled thing works. When I got admission in college I saw my seniors working on Artificial intelligence i.e. AI. After attending one guest session on Artificial Intelligence I again wanted to know more about this particular field , and in this way I started learning Machine learning.

Now as you've knew my background , Let me tell you why I felt that AI , robotics should be introduced in K12 curriculum. Learning Artificial Intelligence and robotics is a long term process if you really want to work in those fields. You've to be good at Linear Algebra , Statistics and these subjects are covered in High schools. Being a Machine Learning enthusiast , I would like to add that , starting to learn Data science after my highschool was one of my biggest mistake. If I would've started learning it from school itself then I would've reached higher in this field. Being a school student you always wonder where we've Apply this algebra , Statistics and calculus. If AI , Robotics are introduced in school curriculum it'll be beneficial to upcoming techies. As you all know AI and Robotics are being used in almost all industries including medical industry and that's why everyone should know at least basics of it. We've subjects like history which teach us about past of our country , our state but we should think about the future too. AI is the future , you might have heard that , Data is the new fuel and the data driven companies are reaching new heights just because of their development in data science.

Artificial Intelligence is a growing field . So is Robotics. There are some simple projects of robotics that can be completed by school students. If your child knows how to blink an LED when given an Arduino in school itself , You guarantee that he/she will be a great asset in robotics field. The youngsters are living in modern century , the youth has a huge exposure to various technologies. YouTube, Google , Wikipedia and what not , these guys have ample sources to learn from and they just need a little push from us. So that we can shape their future from their Childhood itself. They are willing to get their hands dirty by these technologies , Do you support them ???

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Ajinkya Adsul

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