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I would like to tell you if you're willing to pursue career in the field of cyber security , this is a must read article for you. Without Wasting time , let's see how what our friend , A certified hacker wants to say.

Que-Mr chinmay please introduce yourself

I am Chinmay Bhide, a final year undergraduate student with specialization in Information Technology. I am also a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Que-Why did you chose ethical hacking as your career ?

From my view, I love to find flaws in a system and to crack them. Hacking is a word for me which defines that how to escape through the normal functioning of the system and make it work according to your rules. More often than not, I am concerned more in keeping "information" safe, that is I work in the area of Information Security wherein i find vulnerabilities in a system, be it any, like webapp, mobile apps, software etc, which may lead to disclose of Information to unauthorised persons and can lead to illegal activities of data fraud, blackmailing etc, that is, cybercrime may take place. Hence, in the first place, I wish to stop them all.

Que-When did you start learning about Ethical hacking and cyber securities?

When I was in my second year, my department hosted a workshop on Ethical Hacking and Information Security. This workshop generated interest in me regarding Ethical Hacking. From then on I began attending more such events and workshops, gained as much knowledge I could using various resources like internet and e-books.

Que-Which online and offline sources you've used to learn about Cyber securities ?

Online resources- There are many resources available over the internet to begin the journey in this field. There are many blogs and sites which offer you practical knowledge regarding Ethical Hacking and how to use various tools and methodologies. There is a YouTube channel named- HackerSploit. It has made videos and also has a playlist which about an ethical hacking course.

Also a site, has various resources and it also has about a 15 hour video on YouTube to learn everything from scratch. There are also many courses available on Udemy. You can pick them up at dirt cheap price when they are hosting a sale.

Coming to offline resources, there are tons of books which I refer to, like, The Black Hat Python, Penetration Testing Guide-101, The Browser Hacker's Handbook etc. And also I would encourage that one should attend more number of workshops and conferences such as the DevCon, the Null Meet Conference, OWASP Conference etc to be at par with what is happening in this field.

Que-Which amazing things you did in your cyber security projects ?

1. Created a tool named - AutoSploit which can exploit major operating system like windows, iOS and Android.

2. I have created a virus of my own which is Fully Undetectable by any antivirus software.

3. I have also developed a software program that can bring down a working internet network within minutes.

Que-What advice you'd like to give to our readers to improve their knowledge in Cyber security and ethical hacking field ?

Like I said earlier, make fullest use of the online and offline resources more. Have patience more. Many a times you may come across things which you won't get right doing it in first time. Don't panic. Keep your head calm and do it again. Many times even you are doing things right, you may be still not getting the results. So, have patience and wait for the right time.

Don't be a " script kiddie". Have full knowledge of what you are doing and do not indulge yourself in unethical activity. Do not ever do things which may cause harm to others.

Que-What courses or certifications you would like to suggest for those who are willing to start a career in this domain ?

For starters, a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) or Certified Information Security and Ethical Hacker (CISEH), certification will be a good one to start upon this journey.

After you can also go for an advanced certification like Certified Penetration Testing Expert (CPTE) or a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing(VAPT) certification.

Apart from that if one wishes to be an expert in this field there is also a certification named Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) which can lead you to becoming an expert in this field.

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