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We assume , An idea without mentor is just like a ship without Captain. In both the cases , there's no one to direct you. Technomekanics believe that there's a lot of potential in youth. We know that your creativity in addition to the technical skills can get a brilliant idea as an end result. And to convert that end result into benificial output, our Experts' team is ready to mentor you. We also pay attention to privacy of your idea since our team is your team , We assure you that we'll sincerely analyze your idea and check whether it can be implemented or not. It's our pleasure to tell you that this is our most important service where we'll be working directly with you.
Have any idea ???
Yo're just one step away !!

Have any ideas ??? Yo're just one step away !!


Technomekanics was incorporated in 2019 by passion driven techies who are willing to contribute into the society.  We are specialist in the field of IoT & Electronics with an extensive team of competent research engineers and developers we are proficient in all domains related to the art of Robotics: AI & ML, IoT and software development. To do so we are providing a technical platform where one can get exposure about current industrial advancements, inbuilt their mindset, develop their ideas into reality and create a impact.

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